zaterdag 28 mei 2016

Sofilantjes 2nd Anniversary wrap-up & final give-away

Two years... How many fingers is that?

It's been such a great week. Starting on Monday we could read so many inspirational blogposts. If you haven't read them all, try to have a peek because it's so worth it! Hacks & mash-ups has been our theme all week. I've seen so many things I want to try out, I need 4 months vacation to try them all! Let's go swimming.

From a Box - Paisley Roots - Pattern Revolution - SewSophieLynn - Beri Bee Designs - Sprouting Jube Jube - Coral and Co. - Create 3.5 - Jennifer for Sofilantjes - Bellevi - Vaahtokarkkimonsteri - Sew Journers - Inspinration - MoonStar - Lucky Mie - Nononsonsmoms - Pienkel - Tales of a Tester - Adventures with Bubba and Bug - All things Katy - Candice Ayala - Rebel and Malice - Liesellove

Also be sure to visit Sofilantjes (affiliate link) website and purchase some patterns. Today is the final day to use the code CELEBRATE and get 25% discount.

So we have one HUGE final giveaway, where you can win 24 patterns!!! 
Good luck participating!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This party would not have been possible if we didn't have all of these amazing sponsors! Give them some love and visit them
Duck Butt Designs - Designs by Call Ajaire - 5 out of 4 Patterns - Itch to Stitch - Bella Sunshine - Straight Grain - Stoffenfeest - Sew by Pattern Pieces - Droomstoffen - Coffee + Thread - New Horizons - Sew Happily Ever After - Pienkel - A Sparkly Baby - MCM Studio Designs - Joy Fits - - Serger Pepper Designs - Pickle Toes Patterns - FABulous Home Sewn - Audrey & Tiffany - Elliedactyl - Seaside Notions - Phat Quarters - Rock the Stitch - Second Star Fabric - cas & nina - pink zeppelin fabrics - E+M Patterns - Laela Jeyne Patterns - BWD Fabrics - Think Marie - LanaLotta - Pollywoggles - Sew Straight and Gather - Sugar Ink Fabric - The Fabric Candy Shoppe

Did you know one of our sponsors is giving away Finch Fabrics?
This is an example of what you could make with one of those panels...

My girls have something to say to all of you: bloggers, sponsors, organisers, readers...

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  1. Thank you all for making this such a party!!!!! Greets Roos Heesterbeek-Glastra

  2. You are all great. This kind off contests help us to move on as a seamstress!!!

  3. Altijd nieuwe dingen te ontdekken via deze weg, leuk hoor!!

  4. Thank you all! This is terrific and I can't wait to sew all the awesomeness :)