woensdag 28 september 2016

Kopic Tunic & Dress - patterntest

Back to school means back to work for me... and it also means, less time to sew.
One thing I just can't resist is when a talented designer needs pattern testers.
One of those designers is Christine from Heidi & Finn. I've made some Heidi & Finn garments in the past so I was very excited when I was picked to test the Kopic Tunic & Dress.

We were asked to make both tunic & dress. I started with the dress.
The design asks for quite some fabric in the size 7 I was assigned to. To save some fabric I decided to colorblock the skirt on the dress (this is not described in the pattern).
The fabric has been waiting for a few months. I originally planned to use it for another pattern, but I'm happy I saved it for this one!

The size 7 dress was a bit snug on my girl, but I made the tunic in the same (assigned) size. I think I need to donate this one to someone, because it really is too tight on her, even more then the dress.
I choose the short sleeve option for the tunic. I'm not very fond of the wide armcuffs, but that's a personal preference.

After a pattern review testers were asked to make another version if possible. I made a size 8 tunic where I used only half length of the armcuffs and instead of hemming it, I used a rolled hem.
Miss Wonder is very excited with this version. It's still a bit snug, but that's because of her body build, I think.

If you're interested in the pattern, it's on sale until October 2nd on Etsy.
The pattern comes with detailed instructions and loads of photo illustrations. It's a very easy and fast sew. A great staple in any girl's wardrobe!
Sizes: 12M, 18M, 2T,3T,4T,5T, 6, 7, 8, 9/10, 11/12
**this pattern will also be available in 12m-5t OR 6y-12y for a discounted price in the shop once the introductry sale is over

Pattern: Kopic Tunic & Dress by Heidi & Finn
Fabric: #1 dress bought @ Sweej-ke
#2 tunic Lillestoff bought @ Cas&Nina
#3 tunic Tyglycka bought @ Cas&Nina